What makes color fade fastest? Why isn't your hair shiny?


The chemistry that transforms hair from a mousy brown to a deep chocolate brunette, or from a graying blond to a golden honey may seem like magic. It's a torture test that leaves hair dry, dull, and rough -that very qualities that ironically makes hair color look drab. Color worst enemy is water,"80% of color fade is caused by water alone, not shampooing or scrubbing.


Dye strips the strands of their outer lipid layer. Like the natural oil found on your skin, lipids make hair feel soft and smooth, and their loss has a cascade of negative effects. For starter hair becomes more porous, which is why in the shower colored hair absorbs and releases water easily. As it exits water takes along with it some color molecules. Your dye job winds up literally going down the drain. To minimize this water-induced fading, that these precaution,

  • Red dye's large size molecules leach out more quickly than those of any other hue. Whatever color you choose, stay within a few tones of your natural shade:
  • Going from brunette to blond, say, requires high lifting in color which makes hair especially porous and prone to color fade.
  • Avoid excessive rinsing in the shower
  • Stick to lukewarm or cooler water; heat makes dye leach faster the hotter the water the quiicker the color loss.
  • Always use a color-protecting shampoo: Steer clear of clarifying shampoos which can be harsh and strippng - except on the day before your color appointment. If your going for gray coverage your a shampoo that removes silicones, wax, and hairspray.
  • Wash your hair less frequently refresh on your off day flipping hair over and spraying a dry shampoo at the roots to soak up oil.
  • Always conditioner your hair after every shampoo. Your new hair chemistry demands conditioners specifically for color treated hair. Even if you have fine hair you want to alway condition from the root all the way to the tip.


Keratin Treatment is a great hair protection treatment -highly recommend!!


Healthy hair contains approximately 90% of keratin, which is a combination of complex proteins. The remaining 10% is hair natural moisture. Generally, keratin provides strength and resistance, while moisture allows hair to be elastic, flexible, and soft and look healthy. Unfortunately, aggressive and unprofessional straightening, exposure to sun, pollution or swimming pool chemicals affect levels of keratin and moisture.


When it is over bleached, excessively exposed to coloring with low quality products and over heating, our hair loses its natural keratin; the result is dry and brittle, damaged hair with ugly looking split ends.


Keratin treatment uses nano-molecular keratin which penetrates and fills damaged part of hair. The result is beautiful, shiny, soft and silky hair of superior look - it is healthier and easier to form. Keratin treatment literally revives hair - 80% after the first treatment, 90% after second, while success reaches 100% after the third application. The treatment is repeated after 2 months on curly hair, and 3-4 months on wavy hair. This form of treatment fits all type of hair. It is important to note that it will be most efficient, with the most striking results on extremely damaged hair.


The Do's and Don'ts" applies to different keratin application.

  • no clips-no pin
  • no-bands- no pony tail
  • no tucking behind your ear
  • no holding back hair with sunglasses
  • no -swimming
  • no getting hair wet-avoid exercises to prevent sweating.
  • after-treatment care means you should avoid shampoos containing sodium sulphate; if you plan swimming protect your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner first because salty water and chlorine will accelerate fading of your treatment effects.



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